Decorating our tree!

He got the shot!*

That is the question! I wasn’t raised in a family that did big things for Christmas. My mom isn’t now, and never was a big fan of the commercialism that takes over the Holiday season.

I have always agreed with my mom’s way of thinking, and especially now that I’m a parent I just hate commercials in general! Since when do we all need so much “stuff”?

Everything about the Winter season brings people together and in today’s unstable economy, that’s is happening a lot more in general!

If these trouble times have done anything, they’ve made people connect! We are helping each other now, volunteering, learning to live with less stuff and dealing with our lives (and each other) in  whole new way!

But why has it taken so much suffering for us to behave humanely to our fellow-men?! (and moms!)

With ALL that said… I wanted our family to decorate the tree together this year! In the true spirit of togetherness and love that the Holidays should embody!

What did I get?

ME, decorating the tree while my husband watched football and my son ran around with the tinsel making a mess!

(It wasn’t exactly what I’d envisioned.)

I will give him credit for this; he did snap this fabulous photo of Benjamin and I during the 15 seconds he helped me put an ornament on the tree (before running off to be the ”super toddler’ that he is).

He got the shot!


Happy Holidays!