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Welcome! My new weekly segment called Toddler Tuesdays!

I spend a lot of time with toddlers! My son is nearly 3, and I work at a foreign language center for kids, so I’m around 3-5 year olds all day!

I really don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, I’m good with desktop publishing and whatnot, but I couldn’t even draw a decent stick figure to save my life!

My son, on the other hand has inherited (through DH obviously) a glorious artistic ability! He loves doodling, coloring, painting and taking pictures!

(the one thing he got from me! oh, and yes my 2 year old is a budding photographer!)

Seeing his art gives me so much joy! And it’s such an interesting perspective of his view of the world.

I love writing, as a kid my parents taught me that writing, drawing and all the arts are a way for your inner-self to present itself in a tangible way.

So, here’s my ode to my “Super Toddler” and to all of them! I hope you’ll add “Toddler Tuesdays” to your blog someday!

This is my first week, so I thought I’d start off by posting a picture he took recently. by "BooBoo"™...

This picture is of my hubby and I on Thanksgiving this year. As you can see, I saw Benjamin out of the corner of my eye!

I love candid photos, and especially this one! “Mommy & Daddy”

16 years from now when he’s 18 he’ll look at is and say:

“Oh my gosh you look so young mom!” (haha) 😉